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Patricia Borum - Classical Equestrian Sculpture

New for 2013...

"Mer Mare"

Mer Mare

Life size Mermaid Horse/Seahorse
Clay model shown, is currently being cast in bronze, ready Sept. 2013
Limited edition only 10 Bronze - measuring 5'6" long x 3' wide x 3'9" tall.

"Mer Mare" is a depiction in the realm of fantasy of
the centuries old tales of Mermaids of the sea.

Patricia has shown her extraordinary skill and knowledge in the powerful strength and beauty of the horse, in this case a mare, with the flowing movement of the sea. She has captured a moment in time as the Mer Mare rises out of the sea, spouting water from her mouth and flipping her graceful tail in a feeling of exuberance.

The first bronze casting of this sculpture Mer Mare will debut at the Sacramento International Horse Show Sept 24-Oct 6, 2013 in Sacramento California. Then she travels to her forever home where she will grace a large fore court fountain at a private coastal mansion in California.

A sculpture like this would also be happy as a focal point in a swimming pool setting or on a rock island in a fountain basin. This is a limited edition of only 10. Call for Pre-casting specials.

You are welcome to visit Mer Mare and a variety of Patricia's art on display at the Sacramento International Horse show, along with 2 weeks of spectacular horse jumping - Sept 24-Oct 6, 2013!

Creative Expression & A Love of Horses . . .

Patricia Borum"s creative expression and her love of horses go hand in hand. It is out of these loves that Patricia explores the nuances of equine anatomy and behavior. The resulting realism, is tempered with a classical style derived from growing up abroad. The international exposure brings to Patricia's work the depth and expansiveness of the European classics blended with the natural life-long affinity she enjoys with horses.

From small table top sculptures to monumental work, the detail and true to life realism of Patricia's creations captures the intense relationship shared between horse and human. The viewer expects the sculpted horse to twitch an ear, exhale, or nicker a greeting. It is just a shadow of an expectation, nonetheless it is part of the visual experience involved with Patricia's work.
-- by Melrose Sanchez

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