News from my Equestrian Art Studio in California

 Next Horse show art display will be July 12-14 at Murieta Equestrain center California. near Sacramento.

 You are invited to explore and discover my world of art celebrating the horse and all things equestrian.

If you would like a special item such as drink coasters, bottle stoppers, tapestries, rugs, mouse pads etc. Just ask. I have a wealth of resources for many different decorative items. 

My latest sculpture is almost finished. It is a horse head with an elegant surround attached to a wall. I got the idea from the classical artists in the 1800's who made them to advertise saddle shops  and livery stables.
Two heads will look super flanking windows, entry doors, curtains, fireplaces etc. They can also be made as large outdoor sculpture as new scanning technology is able to enlarge the sculpture. Real bronze, faux finished resin and cast marble will be the mediums used. This actual clay model is 16" tall by 7" wide by 8 " deep.




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